Kherson State Maritime Academy

Kherson State Maritime Academy is a state higher educational establishment with the fourth level of accreditation. It trains maritime professionals with academic degrees ranging from skilled operative, junior specialist, bachelor, specialist and master in “Maritime Navigation”, “Maintenance of ship power plants” and “Maintenance of ship electrical equipment”.

There are Navigation Faculty and Engineering Faculty at the Academy. Maritime College and Professional Maritime Lyceum are the unincorporated structural units of the Academy. Academy with its structural units is a unique education establishment that uses a unified approach to educational process organization.

The teaching staff consists of highly qualified specialists in the marine domain and teachers of the top-qualification. There are twelve departments with 146 teachers, that include 10 doctors of sciences, professors and 65 candidates of sciences, associate professors. There are 124 teachers at the Maritime College and Professional Maritime Lyceum including 49 teachers of top-qualification.

Teachers of the departments work on the training development for the disciplines of the curriculum, take part in All-Ukrainian, Regional and Interuniversity research and scientific conferences, so that their scientific works are published in specialized journals and scientific collected volumes of HAC.

The research work plays a great role in the life of the Academy notwithstanding the young age of the Academy in the capacity of the higher educational establishment.


Marine Engineering Faculty

Navigation Faculty